Mudit Nayar: Have always taken roles which are believable

Extremely well mannered and soft-spoken, actor Mudit Nayar comes across as the guy-next-door. After moving to Mumbai three years back, Mudit was doing commercials and and then got a few roles on the TV shows — (‘Palanpur Express’, and an episode in ‘Teri Meri Love Stories’). But, patience is a virtue, and finally Mudit has tasted success as he landed a lead role in the prime time telly show titled ‘Anamika’.

Mudit says, “I was born in Allahabad and stayed in Delhi for most of my life. I did have a desire to become an actor. But I decided against it because I knew everyday so many people go to Mumbai to become actors and there is a tough competition out there. I was into my family business when my dad told me that I should pursue my dreams and follow my heart. If he wouldn’t have pushed me, I would have never come here.”

We ask him about his getting lucky with Anamika and Mudit says, “My character Jeet is a boxer in this show. There are a lot of shades to my character — he is emotional, romantic, and also aggressive when it comes to boxing. So, there are many shades to my role. I also underwent basic training for my boxing in the show.” So does he relate to his character in the show? Mudit laughs and refuses. He says, “For most parts, we are similar. But the biggest difference is that while Jeet is always high on energy and is an extrovert, I am an introvert. I am reserved, which is why playing an extrovert is difficult and tiring at the end of the day.”

Mudit, who has also dabbled in theatre, has a few commercials to his credit and has also played small parts in Priyadarshan’s Aakrosh and Tezz, feels that he has always taken roles that are believable. He says, “If I am convinced about a role, whether it is theatre, movie or TV, then I accept it. Anamika gives me much more screen time to perform well. Commercials last for around 30 seconds and the focus is more on the product. In films, the focus is obviously more on the bigger stars. Anamika gives me more time to deliver.” While he agrees that there is not much difference between the silver screen and the small screen, Mudit also agrees that TV has a much wider reach. He says, “We (as TV actors) connect to the audience on a daily basis. TV actors tend to become family members.”

As the chat steers towards reality shows, Mudit says ruefully, “I doubt if I will ever do something like Fear Factor. I am not the adventurous type. Annie (Gill) can easily do it. In fact, she has done reality shows and is daring.” We ask him about his professional relationship with his co-actor Annie Gill and he says, “She is a spontaneous actor. She is similar to her character Rano. When we met for the first time we connected easily and it was easier working on the show.”